The Top Car Accessories And Car Audio… Of The Future!!!

I love cars, but one of my favorite things to do is take a look at all the “could be” future cars and accessories that may be available some time… in the future! As we have it, there are already a ton of products and accessories out there that we never thought in a million years would be available, like the cool car audio options we have, the whole Apple iPod and iPhone products and GPS (which has become a MUST in every car). So, you can guess that car accessories of the future are going to be pretty freaking amazing. Note, that these are not out on the market right now, and they might not be in the future – but a lot of the car companies are trying to make a few of these products the real deal, available to anyone who buys their specific car. It’s a ploy of sorts, but all car manufactures do this – it’s how they sell cars and why WE buy them!

– For those of you who thought a mobile audio ipod connection to your CD player was as good as it gets – you were wrong! Audi and BMW are both working on some really incredible gadgetry. One of their newest ideas is to install the car with a “think pad” of sorts along with a stylus. You simply would write down an address directly on the pad with your stylus and it would give you directions. Of course this works a lot like the GPS, but OH so much cooler!

– The new next generation Audi’s are going to have a touch screen handwriting system, but also fingerprint and voice recognition mobile audio system. The current A8 actually already utilizes the fingerprint recognition, but future cars are supposed to do even more by way of fingerprint. Honestly, I don’t know if I find this cool or scary. You watch those crazy movies that involve a guy’s thumb and an atomic bomb and all the stealer of the bomb needs – is the thumb! I think I would probably stay away from this one myself!

– Voice recognition is also not a “future” component, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless. The new Ford Mondeos use voice recognition so that the driver can use/turn on or off components such as CD player, phone, external device and climate control. BMW claims its voice control mobile audio system due out in 2010 is tried and true, and a lot more reliable than other systems out there.

– The Mini Cooper will include a lighting package where it adjusts to mood fluctuations in the cabin, such as purples and blues to reds and oranges. This is can be widely compared to neon lighting on or under most cars available these days. On the other hand, if “lighting” isn’t your thing the EV-N brought to you by Honda has seat back inserts that can change to different colors and patterns. Pretty cool!

Another new thing that has NOT been added to cars, but that you can add yourself is mobile video. Which is exactly what it sounds like – it’s all about watching movies and television in your car from the passenger seat and or backseat. Kids and other people can also hook up gaming consoles to the mobile videos as well and play games too which is another great option especially if you go on a lot of family road trips.

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