Professional And Broadcast Audio & Video Products

Broadcasting Types of Electronic Broadcasting

Broadcasting is the process to distribute audio-video content to the scattered audience through broadcast radio, broadcast television and other advanced technologies. All broadcasting is done either through analog or digital transmission signals. There are various types of electronic broadcasting are used to share the message like telephone broadcasting, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, satellite-radio broadcasting, webcasting etc through various broadcast equipment. various technologies and devices are used for audio video broadcasting are known as broadcasting audio equipment or broadcasting video equipment. There are many audio video equipments are available in the market with various broadcasting functions like camcorder, microphone, lighting equipment, VTR, HD wireless camera, Mobile video studio, Matte box etc.

Broadcasting Equipments

Camcorder is electronic equipment combines both video camera and video recorder in a single unit used in video capture and video recording. Camcorder is evaluated from analog camcorder to tape based camcorder and latest by digital camcorder for digital recording and store. There are many companies manufacturing camcorder like Sony camcorder, Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Red camcorder etc. Lighting equipment like S-2010 camera light combines Advanced LEDs with SWIT optic technology design for 40w output at 5600k color temperature with low power consumption and heat generation. Kino Flo lighting is such system for film, photo and video production to deliver soft, cool, versatile, flicker free light for bounced source. Sennhesier ME66 is a short gun microphone capsule designed to use for reporting, film and broadcast location applications, even pick up quiet signals in noisy environment discriminating the unwanted sound. VTR is a video tape recorder that records video material usually on a magnetic tape. Various companies are manufacturing VTRs like Sony VTR, JVC VTR, focus, Thomas etc. HD wireless camera system is designed to transmit HD images through wireless from any standard ENG broadcast camera to field monitor in professional quality clarity and definition. IDX CW-5HD is one of the best HD wireless cameras available in the market. Mobile Video studio is a complete integrated solution including channel SD Switcher, multi display monitor, hard drive recorder and talk back system. It is a portable live video production system for broadcast industry, educational institutions, and worship house, government and production companies. Data video is a manufacturing various models with exclusive features for mobile video studios. Matte box is a device functions same as lens hood, fix at the end of the lens to block the sunlight or other source of light to prevent glare and lens flare. Matte box is also used to hold glass or plastic filters in place in front of the lens. Matte box is used in DV cameras and HD Cameras. Many companies are dealing in matte boxes like Vocas, Libec, Cavision, Chrosziel etc.

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